Choosing a College

The college years can be some of the funnest time of your life.  It is also one of the most important.  The activities and lessons learned in and out of the classroom will aid in molding the future of each student.  With that said, it is imperative to choose the proper college to attend.  Choosing the right college to attend will be one of the most important decisions that will ever be made in life. When choosing a college, it's imperative to look at several attributes:

  • Select your top three professions.
  • Select your top 3-5 colleges that have the major(s)
  • Review the colleges' graduation and retention rate

The College Selection Informer should aid in selecting and comparing colleges. 

Click Here to download the College Selection Informer (CSI)

 The College Navigator is one of the best resources that can be used to gather enough information to make a sound decision about choosing the right college. 

Click Here To Access The College Navigator

Please stay tuned for directions on how to use it!