Everyone Has An Agenda



A manager that continually caves is perceived as a pushover


  As you are approached by others, and you will be approached, it is imperative to evaluate what is being said, and what is NOT being said.  Evaluate the full situation, and make the determination.  It is acceptable to “stand by your guns” and stick to your agenda.  




I had a manager once, whose agenda wavered with whichever person in upper management
he wanted or needed to appease or get off his back at the time.  One day, he would be screaming, asking for
the game plan to increase the amount of interviews.  The next day he would be screaming about a
plan to increase the amount of enrolled students.  What he didn’t realize is that his constant
panic created more friction than anything.  I stuck with my agenda every time, and the end results were always
plausible.  It eventually got me promoted to a campus leadership position.