Job Enhancing Tools


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First Impressions Exercise:  You never get a second chance to make a first impression!  This exercise is designed to sharpen a person’s first impression through realizing the impression that others leave on them.  People that have used this exercise have been able to learn from people in other industries. Click Here to download


Attitude Awareness Exercise:  You’d be surprised about how far a positive attitude will get you!  This exercise helps you explore and learn both what to do, and what NOT to do through the attitude exuded by others.  Click Here to download 


Product Knowledge Enhancement Tool (Degree Programs):  You Don’t know what you don’t know!  This form will aid in obtaining enough product knowledge to become proficient enough to explain the program characteristics and resulting career opportunities to prospective students.  Click Here to download  

Product Knowledge Enhancement Tool (Institution):This form is designed to assist in getting familiarized with the institution.  This is a great resource for a new hire, or someone that needs a refresher.  Click Here to download